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Knowledge Officers Change Intellectual Property Forever

June 16, 2015

These new executive positions – some reporting to the vice president of human resources, but often directly to the CEO – are highly coveted. According to Diane Gayeski, professor of corporate communications at Ithaca College in New York and a partner in the Ithaca-based Omnicom Associates consulting firm, compensation packages for CKOs and CLOs frequently […]

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Affordably Priced Hard Drive Recovery – Where To Get It

June 14, 2015

Basic fact in life: hard drives are bound to crash at some point in time. Since hard drives are very mechanical (and touchy), they will definitely show wear and tear over the course of time. Therefore, at some point, yours might have to be replaced or repaired. People are usually scared about getting hard drives […]

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International Worker’s Rights Remain A Strong Issue

June 6, 2015

(In light of Apple’s recent issues with Foxconn, I thought I’d post this gem from the past.) Levi Strauss & Co. and Reebok Corp. are among the first three companies signing on to a new campaign created by the International Labor Rights Fund and other groups to promote workers’ rights in Chinese factories. The companies […]

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