I though this was all behind us, but: GWX is back on Win7. Found scheduled task "refreshgwxconfig-B" that runs "schtasks" with argument shgwxconfig-B, MicrosoftWindowsSetupGWXTriggersrefreshgwxconfig-B Runs daily. Admin can not disable it. Folder is MicrosoftWindowsSetupGWXTriggers @BleepinComputer pic.twitter.com/EMmTEmRF2U — Michael Horowitz (@defensivecomput) April 1, 2019 Martin Brinkmann talked about the appearance of this scheduled task (among others) […]

from AskWoody https://www.askwoody.com/2019/michael-horowitz-re-discovers-the-refreshgwxconfig-b-get-windows-10-scheduled-task/

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