Clip Up Chart in the Faculty Meeting

A tweet by Jon LeFevre indicated that a clip up chart was put up a faculty meeting. Turns out, no surprise, the adults didn’t like it. So why are we doing this to kids? On multiple occasions when I have picked up my kids from school they report to me who in class clipped down. […]

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8 Hacks for Being a Smarter, Safer Tech Consumer

New technology seems to appear daily in today’s fast-paced society. Trying to learn how to operate the latest gadgets and how to avoid the most recent security threats leaves many heads reeling. Meanwhile, safety and privacy concerns abound.

8 Hacks for Being a Smarter, Safer Tech Consumer
8 Hacks for Being a Smarter, Safer Tech Consumer

While no measures eliminate all threats — as we learned all too well from the 2017 Equifax breach — taking certain precautions when using today’s latest tech can reduce the chances of losing vital data or revealing personal information. Practice the following tips when using technology to minimize the dangers of constant connectivity.

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1. Research What You Buy

All people may be equal, but all tech gadgets are not! Most companies pay close attention to privacy concerns, but using some devices creates risks of exposing personal data in the name of convenience.

When selecting anything from a new laptop to a new baby monitor, use services like Mozilla’s “Privacy Not Included” list to evaluate the privacy the device offers. After purchasing a new gadget, resist the urge to enter all the information the software requests and either skip or opt out of connecting new tools to social media. The world does not need to know who happens to be reading Fifty Shades of Grey on their Kindle.

2. Protect Your Investment

Keep all technology up to date. As hackers launch new attacks, software companies create patches to prevent the threat from spreading to unaffected devices. Failing to update devices regularly means risking falling prey to easily preventable security breaches.
Additionally, always take advantage of any security features new technology offers. While this may mean paying a small monthly or annual fee, the price pales in comparison to the consequences of getting hacked. Anti-virus and anti-malware suites exist for a good reason, so take advantage of them.

3. Realize Hackers Attack More Than Laptops

Many people know to protect their computer and cell phone, but few think about the smart technology in their vehicles or in their video doorbell system. However, these remain vulnerable points for hackers to exploit. For example, as far back as 2015, cybercriminals found a way to unlock the doors of some Chrysler vehicles, leaving them ripe for theft.

4. Educate Yourself on the Latest Scams

Scammers love technology the way George R.R. Martin loves killing off characters in his books. Technology allows hackers more anonymity, making them harder to catch.
One of the largest tech scams occurs when a pop-up appears on computer screens warning users there is a virus on their system. This scare tactic prompts unaware users to take action, and when they click on …

Patch Lady – my Lenovo finally got offered 1809

My Semi-Annual, no deferral, test of when 1809 would be offered up to my Lenovo X1 Carbon finally got offered up 1809 tonight. It was deferred due to my having installed iTunes/iCloud on this computer and Microsoft putting in a block until the issue was resolved. The offering still feels awkward and less than ideal.  […]

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How To Download Music From Spotify?

In Short Hacks: Music is one of the most important parts of one’s life. People listen to music almost all the time. Some listen to music while traveling while some listen to music to relax their minds. However, music plays an important part in everyday life. Also, numerous songs are released every year by various artists. So in this article, we will be going to share working ways by which you can download music from Spotify.

How To Download Music From Spotify |
How To Download Music From Spotify

There are billions of options from which one can choose from. Finding all these in one place is difficult. But, Spotify is one such music streaming service which provides with almost every song.

The best part about Spotify is that it pays royalties to the artists based on the number of times their songs are streamed. It is different from other such services since they pay a fixed amount to the artists. This means that Spotify has authenticated songs unlike most of the services which provide with pirated songs. Downloading music from Spotify is not an easy task! Thus, here we are with a method and the steps required to download music from Spotify on your device. So let’s begin with the first process.

In this method, we will are about to discuss the steps which need to be executed for downloading music from Spotify on a Phone or a Tablet. However, you will need a premium account. The premium account comes at a price which you need to pay if you wish to download music from Spotify.

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How to Download Music from Spotify?

Step 1- Android devices need to download Spotify from the Google Play Store while iPhone or any other Apple devices need to get Spotify on their devices from the App Store.

For Android: 

Spotify – Music and Podcasts (Free, Google Play) →

Download Spotify Premium Apk Latest MOD 2019

Step 2- Once you have downloaded and installed Spotify on your device, create your free Spotify accounts and upgrade it to premium by paying the charges.
If you already have a free account, then you need to upgrade it to a premium account since you cannot download music from Spotify using a free account.

Step 3- Now, you will need a good internet connection to download music from Spotify. Thus, check if you are connected to an internet connection or not. If not, make it otherwise.

Step 4- Since you are all set to download music from Spotify, you need to create a playlist of all the songs you wish to download. To create a playlist, go to ‘Your Library’ at …

Patch Lady – think rootkits days are over?

Think again. I was surprised to see that rootkits on Windows 10 are coming back. Check out my article at CSOOnline about them. (and hopefully this isn’t one that you don’t have to register for, but seriously I recommend that you do sign up for the site and not just because I have articles there.  […]

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