First report of a Win10 Home 1803-to-1903 pushed upgrade over a metered connection

There are many, many reasons why I hesitate to report on update behavior that appears to be one-off. But this one seems particularly ominous. @NorD reports that his Win10 1803 Home computer with an Ethernet “metered” connection got pushed to 1903. Has anybody else seen that? Yes, Win10 1803 is three and a half months […]

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Where we stand with the July 2019 patches

Win7 basks in telemetry, the Win10 1903 RST upgrade block casts an unintentionally wide net, problems with Visual Studio, and yet another fervent call to block the BlueKeep hole. Plus much more. Coming in Computerworld Woody on Windows.

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Is Cloud Accounting Good For Business?

Cloud accounting it very popular nowadays. There’s a good reason why. Making use of the cloud cuts down on the use and cost of external hard drives.

Cloud Accounting is trending and for all good reasons. Gone are the days, when you needed multiple hard drives to keep a store of the financial data. A description of Cloud Accounting in simple terms is Online Accounting.


While it might seem like a radical way of storing financial records, it has become a practice these days.

All the records of financial information are saved online on a server rather than the hard drive of your computer.

As crazy as it sounds like trusting some virtual servers for saving the financial records of your business, cloud accounting is, in fact, more secure, safe, cheap, and smart way for accounting.


As a matter of fact, there will be more and more businesses turning to the cloud by the year 2020.

There are numerous reasons why more than 75% of businesses are expected to turn to cloud accounting over traditional financial recordings by the year 2020.


One good reason as to why more and more businesses are turning to the cloud is because they can see the numbers clearly at any time. The cloud makes it possible to see their financial standing in real-time. Another good reason is that cloud accounting allows multi-user access. In simple terms, everybody can work on the same file.

No one has to worry about missing out on updates. Cloud accounting removes that layer of conflict since updates and backups are automatic. The best thing about cloud accounting is that it reduces business costs. The need to procure hard drives is lessened and the fact that the backups are updated means you can always get back your files in case of catastrophe.

There is no doubt that cloud accounting is good for business. The question is, is it good for yours?
Before you jump right into cloud accounting, it’s important that you list down your business needs first. That way, you’ll know exactly the kind of cloud service that’s right for you.

There are over hundreds of cloud accounting service providers. It is essential that you understand why you need one and how will it help you.

It is advisable to contact a consultant and explain the need for software keeping in mind the monthly expense and other factors like future growth and business goals.


Make sure to study the cloud service provider very well.

After accomplishing the first step, the next step is to find a perfect match for your needs. Based on your business size, needs

Even though there’s a BlueKeep exploit for sale, it doesn’t work very well – doesn’t propagate, for example

Catalin Cimpanu wrote in ZDNet on Friday that there’s a “weaponized” BlueKeep exploit available if you have the cash. (More BlueKeep info here.) There are several reasons why I didn’t raise the alarm, among them one comment from the folks selling the “pen test” exploit: our version is not self-propagating (a worm) It’s ostensibly only […]

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Goal Setting in Google Classroom Level Up Game

Goal Setting is Powerful for Achievement To achieve a long term goal you need to set several short term achievable goals to help you get there. “I want an A in the class” …. okay, how are you going to get there? Google Classroom Level Up Game This Add-on for Google Sheets is still […]

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Is Win10 1903 adoption growing quickly?

I just saw the report on Paul Thurrott’s site (paywall), showing how Win10 version 1903 usage is increasing — now up to 11% of all Win10 usage — while version 1809 usage is staying put at around 30%. (Win10 1803 is around 54%.) I just wanted to toss in my usual caveat. The data from […]

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We’re still at MS-DEFCON 2

Susan Bradley’s recommendations are out for the July Windows and Office patches. In the latest AskWoody Plus Newsletter, she gives almost all of them a green light. You can see the detailed recommendations in her latest Master Patch List. I just wanted to post a reminder that Susan’s Master Patch List is directed at people […]

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Wrapping up July Windows and Office updates

PATCH WATCH By Susan Bradley For those of us who live in the slightly toasty northern part of the world (and by toasty, I mean cooking!), it’s almost too hot to sit at a keyboard and deal with July’s patches. Almost. We humans might suffer in the hot weather, but it can be just as […]

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Windows 10 gets better at taking screenshots

WINDOWS 10 By Lance Whitney Starting with Windows 10 1809, the legacy screen-capture Snipping Tool became Snip & Sketch — with great new capabilities. Ages ago, most of us downloaded third-party screen-capture apps because they were far superior to anything built into Windows. And it’s still true that products such as the paid Snagit and […]

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