Willow HD TV Live Cricket World Cup Streaming Free 2019

In Short Hacks: Are you looking for Willow TV Live subscription? Then you are landed to the right article. Here In this article, we have shown you all about Willow TV Login and how you can easily use Wilow Live Tv Subscriptions for your free online streaming. This Cricket world cup comes up with a lot more exciting stuff.

Willow HD TV Live Cricket World Cup Streaming Free 2019
Willow HD TV Live Cricket World Cup Streaming Free 2019

Willow TV Live Streaming: Watching sports online has become a hobby of numerous people around the world! People love to watch live football, cricket matches. One of the most general methods of watching live matches is through cable. However, you do not have to rely only on your cable connection to live stream your favorite match!

Willow is an American sports channel which is dedicated towards cricket matches all over the world! It is the official broadcaster of various cricket Boards, including The International Cricket Council (ICC), Indian Premier League (IPL), England Cricket Board, Cricket Australia, Cricket South Africa, West Indies Cricket Board, Sri Lanka Cricket, Bangladesh Cricket Board, Zimbabwe Cricket, etc. Well, This time you can check the live score and Online streaming of Cricket World Cup 2019.

You can access this channel on your cable as well as online. The website of Willow TV also has its app version, where users can stream their cricket matches.

Features of using the app version of Willow TV are:

Willow HD TV Live Cricket World Cup Streaming Free 2019
Willow HD TV Live Cricket World Cup Streaming Free 2019

#1. Willow TV app comes with features such as Live Streaming, Live Scorecard, Live Commentary, Highlights & Replays.

#2. You can watch your favorite teams playing Live on iPhone, iPad or Chromecast. Thus, it is highly compatible with devices from different categories.

#3. In this app, you can catch all the fours, sixes and wickets by using the interactive scorecard and the interactive commentary.

#4. If you happen to come across a video which you liked a lot, then you can add it to your ‘Favorite‘ list so that you can watch it without searching for it!

#5. If you find your video but, you are unable to watch it at that moment due to some reason, then you can add it to your ‘Watch Later’ list and watch it when you are free.

#6. You can also share your favorite cricket moments with your friends and invite them to watch a match on Willow tv.

#7. The Chromecast can be used to connect this app to your TV, and you can watch live cricket, highlights or replays on a big screen!

#8. If you are unable to live to stream your cricket match, …

Top 5 Best WiFi Analyzer for Windows 7/8/10

Best WiFi Analyzers: Have you ever wondered there are so many spots at your house, office, college or at Hostel where there is no Internet Connection or we can WiFi Signal may not be of good strength (poor) and not proper reachable. However, Your router is compatible to spread signal to those spots as well but you ain’t getting signal. Mysterious, Right? Few steps back you are getting higher Mbps/Gbps of speed and moving few steps ahead you have lost signals. So in this article, we are gonna discuss why such things happen and how to fix this easily by placing your WiFi Router at right direction using these Free WiFi Analyzer Softwares and Apps for Windows 7/8 and Windows 10

Top 5 Best WiFi Analyzer for Windows 7/8/10
Best WiFi Analyzer for Windows | iTech Hacks

Most of the internet users make use of a wireless router to establish a wireless connection with their smartphones, laptops, etc. Most of the people secure their internet connection by setting a password for connecting a device to the router. To connect a device to this router, you are asked to enter the password on the device. This keeps unwanted people from using the internet for which they are not paying!

However, there are people who use unethical methods to connect to your router and start using your internet connection which results in reduced internet speed which is provided to you! But, you cannot find out who is connected to your router and from where! Thus, to solve this problem, developers have developed a software which runs on Windows PC and detects the devices which are connected to your router. This software is known as WiFi Analyzers. There are a number of such software available for the users. We have shortlisted this software and mentioned some of the best WiFi Analyzers for your Windows PC.

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Why we use WiFi Analyzer?

WiFi Analyzer is actually a Software or Apps that help you to Analyze your workstation, home, office WiFi signal strength and let your problem of not getting good speed will be solved by these WiFi Analyzers 2019. You can experience the benefits of these Windows WiFi analyzer tools on the laptop to optimize the network for maximum performance. You can check your internet speed at speedcheck. It will help you to place your WiFi Router in the right place so that you can get maximum speed and best performance.

Best WiFi Analyzers for Windows (Free)

The list of some of the Best WiFi Analyzers for your Windows PC:

#1 NetSpot

Top 5 Best WiFi Analyzer for Windows 7/8/10 itechhacks Free 2018
NetSpot : WiFi Analyzer

This is one of the best WiFi Analyzers due to its remarkable features which …

9 Best Features Why You Need A Windows 10 Operating System

The operating system of one’s laptop or computer is important because it’s responsible for the overall performance of your network. At the same time, they are helpful when it comes to storing your data, programs, and other files you need to keep. So, it is important that you need to update them to cope up with whatever changes and updates your network will face.

That said, Microsoft offers the biggest array of Windows options for everyone to use. Windows 10 is the latest operating system they have innovated. In that case, if you are using Windows 7 or 8 for your PC’s, then you should upgrade it to Windows 10. Besides, there are many ways you can use to make sure that your existing operating system will be upgraded to Windows 10.

Hence, in line with your decision of upgrading your computer operating system to Windows 10, you must also understand that there are several features you need to acknowledge before finally installing it. So, in this article, we’d like to show you the best features that Windows 10 can offer and why you need to upgrade your operating system as soon as possible.

Metro Apps

This feature already exists in Windows 8 but it’s not totally innovated. When you get to upgrade to Windows 10, the Metro Apps feature is a little bit tweaked so it can fit your PC’s sensibilities.  It’s available in the desktop window compared to Windows 8 where you are head on to a full-screen app. It’s also included in the toolbar options which you can instantly access by only navigating your mouse.


The Windows 10 is formatted by Microsoft intricately so it can fit all touchscreen devices. This feature allows you to provide more information on how each user can switch a Windows 8 style built or desktop mode to your PC or mobile devices.

Moreover, hybrid devices have the ability to alternate modes depending on what the user wants as he touches the keyboard. Besides, if you like to have a tablet mode for your PC, clicking the Start Menu will help you expand so it can fit the whole screen.

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Action Center Notifications

This is a feature where you can find relevant information about your daily tasks, reminders, and all archives. It is very important especially if you are a working individual because this feature will let you remind of the things you need to do on a daily basis. It’s a useful feature especially if you possess a busy schedule so you’ll not miss urgent tasks that you need to accomplish.


This is a search function …

Zombieload, Fallout, and 2 Other CPU Flaws Have Intel on the Hop

The high-tech industry once again is in a tizzy over flaws discovered in Intel CPUs — four new microarchitectural data sampling vulnerabilities. MDS is a sub-class of previously disclosed vulnerabilities that sample data leaked from small structures within the CPU using a locally executed speculative execution side channel. The four newly identified flaws: Zombieload, Fallout, CVE-2018-12127 and CVE-2018-11091. Zombieload, Fallout and CVE-2018-12127 have a medium severity rating, while CVE-2018-11091 is considered low severity.

from TechNewsWorld http://www.technewsworld.com/story/86020.html?rss=1…

How to Resolve “Couldn’t instantiate class named WKWebView” Error When Using WebKit

I got a question from a reader about the following error when using WKWebView in storyboard: Could not instantiate class named WKWebView because no class named WKWebView was found; the class needs to be defined in source code or linked in from a library (ensure the class is part of the correct target)’ He created a view controller with a WKWebView using Interface Builder (or storyboard) and connected it with code via an outlet variable like this: When accessing the web view, the app quit and showed the error above. To resolve the error, all you need is add the […]

This article, How to Resolve “Couldn’t instantiate class named WKWebView” Error When Using WebKit, was originally published at AppCoda.

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Hacking eBooks Free Download 2019 – (90+) Best Hacking eBooks

There are lots of different methods on the internet to learn Hacking. But for that many of us used to watch YouTube videos but we don’t have so much of time to see those hacking videos, even most of them are fake hacking video. So today I am here with the Latest Best Hacking eBooks

best hacking eBooks
Best hacking eBooks

Almost Today’s time of best and exciting technology everyone wants to become “Hacker.” If You want to become a Hacker, you need to Spend most of your Time on the Internet to Learn New Technologies and Reading Best Hacking eBook that can Help you to Become an Ethical Hacker. 

Here is Best and Top collection of hacking eBooks PDF & DOC 2019 edition with thousands of latest hacking tricks 2019. If you want to learn ethical hacking then just download hacking books from below and start exploring the Hacking World.Here i also give you a special hacking ebook in the end.

NOTE: Read Best Hacking eBooks Carefully then Perform Practically not for Hacking Purpose Just only for Educational Purpose. These hacking ebooks are only for the noble knowledge purpose and must not be used for illegal purposes.

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Topics Inside Hacking Books 2019:

  • CEH (Certified Ethical Hackers) 2010V8.
  • Hacking Wireless Networks For Dummies.
  • H gray hat hacking.
  • Backtrack 4 Assuring Security By Penetration Testing.
  • Collections of Mukesh Bhardwaj Hacking Book.
  • Secrets of Reverse Engineering.
  • Social Engineering Toolkit
  • Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures – Web Applications and Data Servers.
  • CSRF Attack & Defense
  • Armitage Guide
  • Pass-the-hash attacks: Tools and Mitigation
  • XSS Attacks – Exploits and Defense
  • Seven Deadliest Network Attack

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Download Best (90+) Hacking Books Free in PDF 2019:

Here are a top and a long list of Best Hacking eBooks released in 2019. I pick these PDF best hacking eBooks from top sources with latest hacking articles inside these eBooks. These download links are spam free and ads free. However, you will also get all hacking guides as well. We Give You Best Ads Free Download Links.

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  1. Black Belt Hacking & Complete Hacking Book
  2. Hackers High School 13Complete Hacking E-books
  3. Penetration Testing With Backtrack 5
  4. A Beginners Guide To Hacking Computer Systems
  5. Black Book of Viruses and Hacking
  6. Secrets of Super and Professional Hackers
  7. Dangerous Google Hacking Database and Attacks
  8. The Internet Advanced Denial of Service (DDOS) Attack
  9. Computer Hacking & Malware Attacks for Dummies
  10. G-mail Advance Hacking Guides and Tutorials
  11. Vulnerability Exploit & website Hacking for Dummies
  12. Web App Hacking (Hackers Handbook)
  13. Security Cryptic Networks

How To Install Login Snapchat On Computer (Windows/MAC)

In Short Hacks: Snapchat is one of my personal favorite application after Instagram. But I am so busy in my work (of course in Laptop) that I couldn’t able to check my smartphone again and again. So what I usually do is, I simply Login Snapchat on my Computer right next to my work tab and enjoy the snaps whole day. But, You might be thinking that Login to Snapchat from Computer is not that easy? Right. So In this tutorial, we will be going to learn some of the working methods by which we can easily do Snapchat Login on Computer 2019

How To Install & Login Snapchat On Computer (Windows/MAC)
Install & Login Snapchat On Computer | itechhacks

The internet has completely taken over the world in the twentieth century. Apart from a real life, people also maintain a social life. A number of social media apps have been launched and each has its unique feature. Some of the most widely used social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Hike, Snapchat, etc. People have their accounts on all these platforms simultaneously. Thus, people spend a lot of time on these platforms, interacting with each other virtually and uploading various images and videos on these platforms for people to view.

Majority of the people use their smartphones to handle all these platforms. However, there are instances where one loses his/her smartphone or if he/she faces some kind of issue due to which he/she is unable to use the smartphone. They become restless since they no longer get the updates of the world and can neither let others know about them. Thus, they search for an alternative.

One alternative is to use the apps which are available for smartphones on their PC. Here, we are about to discuss the method for Snapchat Login on a PC/Laptop.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a social media app which is used as a messaging app. It was initially released in the year 2011. This app is widely used for its feature which allows its users to add Snaps on their account which other users can view. These Snaps automatically delete themselves once 24-hours have passed. Users can also delete them anytime, manually.

Download Snapchat++ IPA for iOS 11, iPhone, Android, PC
Snapchat++ IPA for iOS 11, iPhone, Android, PC

Another interesting feature of Snapchat is that it provides with various filters while creating a Snap which has the capability to recognize a face and modify based on the filter applied at that moment. This feature is widely used by teenagers as well as some middle-aged people.

This app is available for Android as well as iOS users. An official app for any other operating system has not been launched. Thus, you will have to use an app player on …

Free Amazon Gift Cards of 2019 – Earn, Redeem Instantly

In Short Hacks: Are you looking for “Free Amazon Gift Cards of 2019“? Well, you have landed to right blog post. Amazon is not much expensive but if you got some Free Amazon Gift Cards then you will defiantly get discount there. So Read this post until the end and collect some Amazon Gift Cards

Free Amazon Gift Cards of 2018
Free Amazon Gift Cards of 2019 | itechhacks

Amazon plays a major role in online sales. Moreover, it implements a distinguished payment method via free gift cards as redemption. Redemption through a lot of tools or mode helps to earn money quickly. Moreover, if you wish you could greet your friends by sending this free gift cards to make them ecstatic.

Simply follow the click-through method on App or signup to get cash back offer.

Just Earn points to $ and get free gift cards for that particular $ without any hard work. You can try for a bonus if possible. This is not a bogus payment. Everything depends on your curiosity and awareness.

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Earn Amazon Gift Cards 2019 (Free)

Here are some Tips to wonder your Amazon purchase quite more. Everything you could find on Amazon.com

Note: To provide the best user experience this website does not contain any of affiliate link or spam links.

#1 Simply Survey: Earn Free Amazon Gift Card

Just put across your opinion to earn points for Amazon gift cards. Here, your views are hailing via surveys. Try These: Survey Junkie, Harris Polland, Opinion Outmost, Global test market, Toluna, Survey Spot, YouGov, TestSpin, American Consumer Opinion, OneOpinion, Knowledge panel, Ipsos I-say, Nice quest, Amazon-Turk, GiftHulk, PanelPayDay, CrashCrate etc.,

#2 Resale Recovery

Exchange your unwanted used items with Amazon gift card to refund your purchase as soon as possible.

#3 Amazon Prime

Become a member to earn Amazon gift codes for your buying items. Utilize Amazon prime for that is necessary.

#4 Blogging

Own a blog and kindle your readers to click-through Amazon links thereby, you can earn Amazon gift card instantly.

#5 APP and Websites: The Masters

Simply spend your free time watching videos, surfing or playing games to earn Amazon free gift cards and more points.

Websites like Swagbucks, MyPoints, Inbox dollars, Earning station, instaGC, Checkpoints, Viggle, Perk to and prize repel plays a great role in invoking the kids and grownups to play and earn some points and dollars.

Apps also trigger the customers to download and redeem the money via free gift cards abruptly.

It may start with a minimum of 5$. Mobile Xpression redeems while sharing the mobile history. You can also utilize appKarma. APPNana, Apptrailes, Appdown, Freemyapp, Slidejoy,

How to Spy Android Phones with Spymyfone

As we know, Android devices have numerous features, which can be used for free! However, Android devices are quite vulnerable as they can be easily hacked and all the data can be retrieved. But, it is a complicated and slow process. Only trained and professional hackers can pull it off!How to Spy Android Phones with Spymyfone

However, Spymyfone is one such service, using which anyone can spy on any Android devices, just by executing some simple steps.

Features of SpyMyFone to Spy on Android devices include:

  1. Since social media apps are widely used on all the Android devices, they hold a lot of information about a person and his/her contacts. You can access data from various aids such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, tinder, etc.
  2. On WhatsApp, you can real ago the sent as well as received messages. You can read all the direct messages, also known as DMs of Instagram. You can screenshot the chat window of Snapchat. Also, you can check the Facebook chat on your target device, using this service.
  3. You can track your target device and Spy Android in real-time to know the exact location of your family member. Also, you can check the location history of your target device to know the places where your kid has been to!
  4. A feature known as Geo-fencing can be used to mark the restricted area for your target device and if it enters this area, you will receive a notification about it. Then, you can decide whether to take any action or not. This feature is useful for parents to keep their kids from going to dangerous places.
  5. Since the teenage children are getting addicted to their smartphones, you can keep track of your child’s screen time so that you can prevent him/her from getting addicted to it!
  6. You can also analyze all the apps on your target device and what are they being used for! Using this feature, you can know if any harmful app is present on your target Android device or if any of them are being used inappropriately.
  7. The call logs, as well as the contact list of your target Android device, can be checked through this service to search for any suspicious caller. Also, all the SMS sent and received on the target device can be read.

These were some of the most useful features of SpyMyFone to Spy on an Android device.

How to Spy on Android devices with SpyMyFone?

The steps involved in using SpyMyFone to Spy on Android devices are listed below in detail.

Step 1- Launch a web browser and visit the official website of SpyMyFone. Here, you need to sign up to this service! You can use this ‘my.spymyfone.com/signup.html’ link to visit …

How USDZ Enables New Experiences for ARKit

At WWDC 2018, Apple announced various improvements to its support for Augmented Reality experiences and one of those was the support of a new file format, USDZ. USDZ enables new experiences and adds new ways in which users can interact with Augmented Reality content. I’ve written more about WWDC 2018 here. In this article, I will dispel some myths about the USD(Z) format, talk about how it works with respect to ARKit, and point out some differences which I found while working with it and writing conversion tools for it. We will slowly dissect one of the USDZ examples provided […]

This article, How USDZ Enables New Experiences for ARKit, was originally published at AppCoda.

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