Using Google Cloud Translation API to Power Your App with Instant Translation


One of the several services and APIs that developers can use from Google is the Cloud Translation API, which offers the ability to perform machine learning (ML) based translations of any string into any supported language. The list of supported languages is long and it’s getting longer over time. Google provides pre-trained models for translation, but custom models can be trained as well. And as we will find out soon in this tutorial, translation is fast, accurate, and of high-quality. In this post we are going to learn how to use the Translation API so we can support and provide […]

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Fix BOOTMGR is Missing Windows 7, 8, 10 (6-Methods)

In Short Hacks: Almost every 2nd user uses Windows OS on their Laptops and PC. And many of them looking for “BOOTMGR is Missing” on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. So in this tutorial, I will be going to discuss How can you easily fix BOOTMGR is a missing problem in Windows 2019 Guide

Fix BOOTMGR is Missing Windows 7, 8, 10 (6-Methods)
Fix BOOTMGR is Missing Windows | itechhacks

We use a computer in our daily life to play games, use software, etc. Most of the times, your computer might work efficiently. But, there are times when you encounter some issue on your computer due to which the normal functionality of your computer gets disturbed. This issue could be due to the hardware or software of the computer. A computer can work efficiently if and only if both the hardware and the software of your computer work hand in hand.

One such software issue faced by numerous Windows PC users is BOOTMGR Missing Errors. When this error is encountered by your computer it displays a message ‘BOOTMGR is Missing’/’Could not find BOOTMGR’/’Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart’/’Press any key to restart.‘ If such type of message is displayed by your computer, it is evident that it is a ‘BOOTMGR is Missing‘ Error.


What is BOOTMGR and ‘BOOTMGR is Missing’ Error?

BOOTMGR is the short form of ‘WINDOWS BOOT MANAGER‘ which is a file which supports your Windows Operating System’s Boot Manager. It helps your Bios to start the system loader when a computer starts. Thus, if your boot manager file goes missing, your PC will not function normally and will not boot up once shut down. Thus, it is really important to solve this issue at the earliest. The methods to be executed to solve this issue are easy to understand and execute. So let’s look at the methods to fix ‘BOOTMGR is Missing‘ Error.

How To Fix BOOTMGR is Missing Errors 2018
BOOTMGR is Missing Errors

How to Fix ‘BOOTMGR is Missing’ Error?

#1 Check for loose connections:

One of the major causes of this issue is the loose connection. If the data and power cables are not connected properly, you will face ‘BOOTMGR is Missing‘ error on your PC. Thus, check for any loose cable and if required, unplug all the data and power cables and reinstall them correctly. If you are still facing the same issue, go ahead to the next method.

NOTE: Do not unplug any cable if you do not know how to reinstall them.

#2 Test Hard Drive:

If there is some issue with the sectors on your …

Difference Between WD Elements vs My Passport External SSD/HDD?

In Short Hacks: Since the use of computers has increased in almost every field, the need for data storage has also been increased drastically! There are various storage devices such as the hard drive, USB drive, etc. But, the hard drives which are connected to the computer/laptop are not portable and USB drives can only store a few gigabytes of data. This article, we will get to the major difference between WD Elements vs My Passport External SSD/HDD of 2019

WD Elements vs My Passport External SSD/HDD?
WD Elements vs My Passport External SSD/HDD

Thus, the need for a portable storage device with high storage capacity was felt by the users. This led to the production of external hard drives, which are portable and can hold over a hundred gigabyte. Also, these external hard drives are compact and easy to use!

Many companies such as Seagate, Toshiba, are constantly trying to produce an external hard drive which is as compact as possible but, can hold a large amount of data. However, a company named Western Digital (WD) has manufactured two such external hard drives which are widely being used in the world. They are known as WD Elements and WD My Passport.

Below, we have discussed about both these hard drives (HDD) in detail, so stay tuned.

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WD Elements vs My Passport 2019

#1 WD Elements:

Difference Between WD Elements vs My Passport External SSD/HDD?
WD Elements

This product of Western Digital comes in three different variants, depending upon their storage capacity.

They are-

● 1 TB.

● 2 TB.

● 3 TB.

The exterior of this hard drive does not have a fancy look. However, it does have a remarkable storage capacity.

Also, these hard drives are quite compact with the dimensions

1 TB model:

● 111x82x15mm (4.35×3.23×0.59in).

2 and 3 TB models:

● 111x82x21mm (4.35×3.23×0.28).

Also, they are light in weight, which makes it easy to carry in your pocket or your backpack.

They weigh in at-

1 TB model:

● 130g (0.29lb).

2 and 3 TB models:

● 230g (0.52lb).

Black is the only color in which these hard drives are available. They can connect to any computer/laptop over a USB 3.0 port.

Even though the WD Elements hard drives do not look classy, they are capable of compensating it with their speed. The transfer rate of these hard drives is written impressive!


  • Lightweight.
  • High storage capacity.
  • Quick transfer.
  • Affordable.


  •  Average looking.

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#2 WD My Passport:

Now that we have discussed about WD Elements in detail, let us take a look at WD’s other hard drive, known as WD My Passport.

This hard drive is a refined version of WD …


ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR is just another error in Google Chrome that you may face or get while accessing your chrome browser on PC or Smartphone. Well, Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers among any other available on the Internet. So obviously, there are some bugs/errors that caught us while we are using chrome browser. err_spdy_protocol_error is the common chrome error that appears due to some issues that we have discussed in this article. However, You will get three working methods by which you can fix err_spdy_protocol_error in chrome browsers permanently in 2019.


The internet is one thing without which the daily chores of a normal human being might come to a halt! Also, all the social media apps require an internet connection to interact with one another. However, to surf the internet for any kind of information, one needs to have a web browser. There are many web browsers such as Firefox, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, etc. But, Google Chrome is one of the most widely used web browsers in the world! This is due to its user-friendly interface and its unmatched performance.

However, you might come across some or the other error while surfing the internet over the Google Chrome web browser. One such error which people usually come across is the ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Chrome



This (err_spdy_protocol_error) error is found while visiting secure websites using the Google Chrome web browser. These secure pages might include YouTube, Gmail, websites with HTTPS pages, etc.

However, you can also come across this error while visiting nonsecure websites too. Also, this error can be encountered in other web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and not only in Google Chrome. You can fix all kind of  err_spdy_protocol_error chrome,  err_spdy_protocol_error firefox, and  err_spdy_protocol_error internet explorer so that you can access chrome easily without having any issue.

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How to fix ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Chrome?

There are a series of steps which you need to execute until your error in Google Chrome is fixed. We will begin with the most basic method and go ahead with the complex methods.

Method #1: Update Google Chrome.

Just like you restart your smartphone when it isn’t functioning efficiently, you need to update Google Chrome on your device to make it function as expected. The steps to update Google Chrome on your device are as follows.

Step 1- Check whether your Google Chrome is up-to-date. You can know this from the ‘About‘ list.

Step 2- If your chrome is not updated, immediately update it to the latest version which has …

Top 5 CouchTuner Alternatives: Watch Web Series Free Online

In Short Hacks: Undoubtedly, Couch Tuner is one of the best sites to stream video online for FREE. But, The movies and content available in the couchtuner site are not as broad as other sites are providing. However, There are various similar sites like couch tuner available on the internet. So let’s have a look at these CouchTuner| Streaming Series Alternatives of 2019

Top 5 Sites like Couch Tuner: Alternatives To Couch Tuner
Alternatives To Couch Tuner

The Internet is one of the finest media for movie and TV series lovers. Internet of these days has had most amazing impacts on almost all aspects of our life, such as creating a new world of communities and enabling people to access all kinds of information and services on the scale.

In other words, we can say that people can access almost everything through the internet. One such interesting service provided by the internet to its users is called online streaming TV. Before we got a huge response on Best Free Movie Streaming and Downloading Websites and One such useful website which offers this facility to the Internet users if known as CouchTuner. Below, we have explained more about this website in brief.

CouchTuner: Similar Sites like COUCHTUNER

People of these days are familiar with online TVs, and Couch Tuner resembles the same. Couch tuner is one of the leading online movie streaming sites. Most of the people love to watch new movies and TV shows on this website.

If you are one among them, then you may come across most of the sites like CouchTuner. Who would not love to watch the new movies and TV series for free? Thus, CouchTuner has grabbed people’s attention and has become quite popular.

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Movie, TV and Web series:

With the help of some sites like CouchTuner, people can easily search for their new movies and TV series. Some people would love to watch new movies, whereas some would like to watch TV series. The reason behind the popularity of the sites like Couch Tuner to watch TV series is that the people of these days are running beyond the hectic life schedule, and they do not find time to watch the TV series.

This option paves the way for those people. The continuity is the most important factor when it comes to watching TV series, and one can access this through the online TV series. Even though we have many options with the Couch Tuner, some would need to have wide alternatives. Thus, we have come up with the list of some of the best websites which can replace Couch Tuner.

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Alternatives of CouchTuner 2019 

Download OS X El Capitan on Mac .DMG (Working Link)

In Short Hacks: Apple Inc is considered to be one of the most innovative companies in the world! This company has earned this title due to its unparalleled products with numerous latest features in its products. In this article, we have covered all about El Capitan on Mac and Download El Capitan.DMG free in 2019

Download OS X El Capitan on Mac .DMG (Working Link)

Apple is widely known for its iPhones, iPads, Mac computer, iPods, etc. Every time Apple comes out with a new product or with an update for its products, many new features are added to it which are not available on any other device.

In the second half of the year 2015, Apple rolled out a major update for its Mac computers. This update is named as ‘OS X El Capitan’ which is the version 10.11 for Macintosh computers. Primarily, this update is for those Mac computers which cannot upgrade to macOS High Sierra. It is also for those Mac users who need to upgrade to El Capitan. The latest update for EL Capitan which is the version 10.11.6 was released on December 6, 2017.

Some requirements which have to be fulfilled by your Mac computer are:

#1 Your computer must have at least 2GB of RAM.

#2 You must have Mac App Store on your computer.

#3 Minimum of 6 GB of disk space should be available.

El Capitan can run on all the computers which can run other OS X versions such as Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Snow Leopard or Yosemite.

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Some of the computers on which El Capitan can run are:

1. MacBook Pro.
2. iMac.
3. MacBook Air.
4. Mac Pro.
5. Mac Mini.
6. Macbook.
7. Xserve.

Even though your computer is listed above, you need to check whether your computer meets the requirements for El Capitan to run on it! Also, El Capitan might face issues since Apple states that the newly available Metal API is available on ‘all Macs since 2012‘ which means that if your computer is older than 2012, then there are fair chances that El Capitan will not run on your Computer.

Some of the most amazing features of El Capitan are:

In the El Capitan update, user experience and performance have been the point of focus.

Safari- In El Capitan, users can now pin tabs for frequently accessed websites to the tab bar in Safari. It also allows the user to customise the font and background of the Reader mode.

Messages and Mail- Multi-touch gestures have been added to Mail and Messages which are used on the multi-touch devices to mark or delete emails or chats by the swipe of a finger on the trackpad. El …

macOS Programming: Working with Dark Theme and Building a BMI Calculator


Welcome to another macOS programming tutorial! In the previous post we made our introductory steps on macOS programming world as we discussed about fundamental concepts. In this tutorial, we are going to explore and unveil new interesting things that would be necessary to anyone who wants to make their way to macOS development. So, if you have gone through the previous post, then you already know that the main focus was on window controllers and windows, panels, loading and presenting additional windows, and more. However, there is one thing that was not discussed at all (intentionally), and that is the […]

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Free Working Hulu Premium Accounts 2019 (March)

In Short hacks:  After Netflix, There are many similar platforms to watch shows, movies, anime on the Internet. In the past few years, Hulu produced tons of latest shows and amazing serials that attracts millions of users day by day. So In this article, we have discussed all Hulu and ways to get free Hulu account in march 2019

How To Get Free Hulu Plus Account & Get Free Access
How To Get Free Hulu Plus Account & Get Free Access

Entertainment is a must for people nowadays. People love watching movies and shows of their choice to entertain themselves. However, getting the movies and shows of their desire on the internet is very difficult. Also, if they find it somewhere, it is not sure whether it is licensed or pirated. Hence, here we are with the solution to this problem of the people. ‘Hulu’ is one such service which is fundamentally oriented towards television series, offering episodes of series from various television networks and other content partners. It also has Hulu Originals. Hulu is a joint investment of The Walt Disney Company, 21st Century Fox, Comcast, and Time Warner. You must have already guessed it that this service is not available for free. Free Hulu Accounts Working 2019

There is a free trial version for 30 days and 7 days with live TV. And then, it will cost you $7.99 per month for Hulu and $39.99 per month for Hulu with live TV.

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Get Free Hulu Plus Accounts 2019

In the $7.99 subscription, you can stream Hulu on any device of your choice and gain access to the extensive library to stream from. You can watch seasons of elite series, hit movies, Hulu Originals, kids shows, etc. The paid version will contain no commercials.

In the $39.99 version, which is Hulu with live TV, you can watch live TV on Android, iOS, Apple TV, etc. You can stream more than 50 top live TV channels such as sports, news, and entertainment. You will also have access to the vast library of Hulu which contains shows, movies, etc. “Free Hulu Plus Working Accounts and Passwords”

In both the plans, you avail premium add-ons of HBO, CINEMAX, and SHOWTIME. Also, you can switch between plans or cancel your plan at any moment.

But, there is a way using which you can get all these features for free. All you need to do is get an account for free. Hence, here we are going to discuss the method using which you can get a free Hulu account for yourself. Using this free account, you can gain access to all the premium features of Hulu for free, even after your trial period expires.…

How To Root Xiaomi Redmi Android Phones With or Without PC

How To Root Mi Xiamoi, Redmi Android Phones in 2019, Here we have listed Top 3 Methods to root and Unroot android based Xiamoi Devices. A Perfect Guide To Root and Unroot Your Xiaomi Redmi (Mi) Phones With and Without PC

Xiaomi Phones or Redmi Series come with MIUI which is its stock Custom ROM. The recent release of MIUI 10.2 has brought a hell lot of customization options with it! Still, there are some people who need to ask for some more modifications which cannot be attained unless the device is rooted. Earlier, we have posted several articles on How To Root Android devices without any risk. But, in very short time Xiaomi has achieved such a big market in all over the world with its best budget devices with hell lots of features. So here we give you the steps to be followed in order to root your Xiaomi phones very convenient.

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How To Root Xiaomi (Mi) Redmi Android Phones With PC (Safely)

How To Root Xiomi Redmi Android Phones With or Without PC
How To Root Xiomi Redmi Android Phones With or Without PC

#1 You need, to begin with, downloading Super SU zip file. Store this file on your external memory. Then get a recovery for your device. There are recoveries available for every Xiaomi device.

#2 Extract the recovery file (.img) from the recovery that you had downloaded for your device. Then move the .img file to MiPhone\Google\Android folder which is in the Xiaomi folder on the C drive. Rename this file as ‘recovery.img.’

#3 After these steps, the basic procedures are executed. Now you just need to initiate the system for which you need to shut down your device at first. Then enter the fast boot mode which is done by pressing the volume down and power button simultaneously. Hold it until you see this image. If you don’t see any image for quite a time, then release the buttons and retry till you see this image. “Root Redmi Phones”

#4 Open the folder where you had saved the recovery file on your C drive. Right-click here and select open command option.

#5 Type ‘fastboot devices‘ and press enter key. Then, type ‘fastboot boot recovery.img.’

#6 Once all the above steps are properly executed you will enter the recovery mode. Install the Super SU from here and swipe the button below and Super SU will be flashed.

After these steps, you will have access to all the root apps for your device.

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How To Root Xiaomi Redmi Android Devices

Top 40+ Best Google Chrome Extensions and Apps of 2019

In Short Hacks: Google Chrome is a web market in itself. Yes! But many of us is not aware of it. Don’t we have any idea what Google Chrome browser can do? To make your Google Chrome SMARTER, FASTER and INTELLIGENT then you need to install these must have Top 40 Best Google Chrome Extensions On your Chrome browser and enhance your browsing experience. You can download and install all these best Chrome extensions/apps from the list that we have listed below.

Top (40+) Best Google Chrome Extensions/Apps Of 2017
Top (40+) Best Google Chrome Extensions/Apps Of 2017

Google Chrome is one of the most widely used search engine around the world! However, no everyone uses 100% of what Google Chrome has to offer. To make the 100% use of Google Chrome, one can add different extensions from the Chrome Web Store. There are numerous extensions one can use which are available in the Chrome Web Store.

These extensions add too much power to the Google Chrome. These extensions are only compatible with Windows, OS X, Linux and Chrome OS-based devices such as Chromebook laptop. These extensions are not supported on mobile phone based Google Chrome neither for Android nor iOS users. So let’s take a look at some of the very useful extensions which you can add to your Google Chrome.

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Best Google Chrome Extensions Of 2019 (Free)

#1 Unlimited Free VPN: Hola 

This Google Chrome extension provides you with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) using which you can view any blocked websites, and your identity will also be protected.

Hola Free VPN Proxy Unblocker (Free, Chrome Web Store) →

#2 Adblock Plus | Best Googe Chrome Extensions

This is another great extension for Google Chrome. It cleans the web pages which you browse by removing every advertisement which you see on the page.

Adblock Plus – free ad blocker (Free, Chrome Web Store) →

Adblock Plus for Google Chrome can Blocks:

  • Banners
  • YouTube video ads
  • Facebook advertisements
  • Pop-ups
  • All other obtrusive ads

#3 Evernote Web Clipper

This Google Chrome extension saves notes, web pages, images and anything you want to save. Only a single click is required to save things via evernote web clipper.

Evernote Web Clipper (Free, Chrome Web Store) →


  • Clip Gmail threads and attachments
  • Use text and visual callouts to draw attention
  • Use Evernote to find clips on any device

#4 Google Dictionary

This Google Chrome extension is for those who often some across words which are hard to understand. All you need to do is double click on the word whose meaning you want to know. Different languages are supported by this extension.

Google Dictionary (by Google)