How to Record WhatsApp Video Calls with Clear Audio

A few years ago, from 10 years Mobile phones only have used to do voice calls, Voice messages as well as Text messages. Nowadays the Internet has a giant connection throughout the world. Due to a powerful Internet connection with reliable speed any Smartphone user can do Video calls at cheap price.

How to Record WhatsApp Video Calls with Clear Audio
How to Record WhatsApp Video Calls with Clear Audio

Most of the applications give a feature to do video calls such as WhatsApp video calls, Facebook Video calls, etc. But such applications don’t offer to record your video calls as well as such a feature also not available in Android system.

For those who want to record WhatsApp and Facebook video calls, you can check out this post to see some good options. So In this post, we have given two methods by which you can able to do Video calls with Audio.

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1. Using Movavi Call Recorder

Using Movavi Call Recorder
Using Movavi Call Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder main function is to record the screen of your desktop version. Unfortunately, this application can only run on Windows and above versions. But the advantage of this application is that you do not need to have root access to be able to record your Whatsapp Call. Even this application has no specific limits/restrictions and special watermarks. Bagus again this app has no ads that bother you. The AZ screen recorder is designed with an interface that is very simple, and easy to use.

How to Record WhatsApp Calls Using the Movavi Screen Recorder

  1. The first step, please Download the WhatsApp сall recorder
  2. Open the recorder application that you downloaded earlier (After it opens, you will see a popup widget)
  3. Open the WhatsApp Application and try making a video call with your friend.
  4. There you need to Adjust the recording parameter.
  5. Done, Now the WhatsApp Video Call will be stored on your device.

2. Using ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror is mostly using the video recorder app with Audio feature available for both iPhone and Android devices. The application only does screening your mobile screen to PC/Mac screen in which you can use it to record the mobile screen to the computer.

It is easy to use to record any video messenger video calls on your PC.  You have to just Download and install the application on your Windows or Mac computer. And have to Connect your iPhone / Android with PC / Mac under the same WiFi network.

For iPhone users:

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone

Spotify 8.5 Premium Apk Free Download Offline MOD 2019

In Shorts Hacks: Today we are going to reveal all about “Spotify Premium Apk Free of 2019”. Using Spotify Free APK you can stream music for free of cost for lifetime. I am an avid music lover and love to listen to English songs and trance as well. and if you are one of like me then trust me this Free Premium Spotify APK would fit perfect for your device, So in this article, we have discussed How to download music from Spotify Premium APK in 2019.

Spotify Premium Apk Free Download | Latest MOD 2018
Spotify Premium Apk Free Download | itechhacks 2019

If you love listening to music, Spotify is one of the best options you can resort to! There are many services which offer functions which are similar to Spotify. However, Spotify stands apart due to its unique feature which is, it pays royalties to the artists based on the number of times their songs are streamed, unlike other services which pay a fixed amount to the artists. Downloading and using Spotify is totally free of cost.

Spotify Premium APK No-Root: All you need to do is create a free account by signing up. Free account holders gain access to the inexhaustive playlist of music which can be streamed online! However, one can also upgrade to the premium account by paying a certain amount of money to the developers. On upgrading to the premium account, many new features get unlocked which enhance the user experience significantly. If you want to download the music from Spotify trail app then we have already published an article over How To Download Music From Spotify?

Download Spotify Premium 8.5 Free (No Root)

Spotify Premium APK 2019 itechhacks Images copyright
Spotify Premium APK 2019 | itechhacks

But, is it necessary to pay the price for upgrading to the premium account? The answer is NO. You can download the APK of Spotify’s premium 8.5 account of 2019 and get the premium account of Spotify for free. And using this premium account, you can make use of all the additional features which are provided to the premium account holders.

Spotify Music 2018 Free Music Streaming
App Name Spotify Premium Apk
App Size 38.2 MB
Developer Spotify Ltd.
Downloads 100,000 – 500,000
Ratings * * * * *
Apk Version 8.5
Updates 20 April 2019

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Some of the features of Spotify Premium APK 2019 are:

#1 Premium account holders do not have to watch the advertisements or any kind of unnecessary pop-up. Some of the advertisements are as long as 20 seconds which cannot be skipped either.

#2 You can download the songs directly from Spotify and listen to them even if you are offline! There is no restriction …

How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock from iOS 2019

In Short Hacks: Had you ever bought or acquired a used iPhone or any other Apple Device Like iPad, iPod? Oh! Well, I guess right ? ? Is it keep asking for the iCloud Login? Yeah! I Know when you trying to set your iPhone or iPad it will definitely ask for iCloud Activation. Now How to get access to your iPhone? Did you try to find out the owner? But Found NOWHERE Right? Relax! at itechhacks, we have a solution to each of the tech problem and today here we will show you 5 working methods why which you can remove or unlock iCloud Activation Lock from your iOS Device in 2019.

How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock from iOS 2018
How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock from iOS 2019 |

iCloud is a platform that allows its users to store their pictures, videos, and documents securely. If a user has more than one device, then the stored information will get updated on all his devices. The user can access the stored information whenever he wants. By storing data in iCloud, users can save space on their devices. iCloud helps in saving files and other data by backing it up every night when the Internet is available. Therefore, one need not worry about losing files and folders.

What is iCloud activation?

iCloud activation is a feature that prevents anyone other than the owner of the device from using the particular iPhone, iPad or iPod if it is lost or stolen. Find my iPhone when turned on, Activation Lock is enabled automatically.

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What is the use of the lock?

The actual intention of this lock is to prevent the data from getting stolen and keep your device safe. We all know that if you forget the password of iCloud then you cannot do anything on your iPhone and IPad. For overcoming this situation, we have come up with some methods.

Now coming to unlocking the iCloud activation, there are a few methods you can opt for:

#1 Online Sites

Some online sites claim to unlock iCloud activation. However, they do not do it for free. One such site is “

#2 Contacting the previous owner or seller of the device

There are scenarios where a person purchases a used iPhone, in this case, you can either ask the seller or the owner to unlock from ‘Find my iPhone.’ This can be done on any PC or smartphone via

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How To Bypass iCloud Activation Lock in iOS 2019 (Working)

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock in iOS
Bypass iCloud Activation Lock in iOS

Steps that are to be …

How to Use Git Pull Requests to Improve Code Quality and Developer Participation


Today, we’ll talk about a feature of several well-known Git tools that I prefer to call a “merge request,” but tends often to be referred to as a “pull request,” for example, on sites like GitHub and Bitbucket. Using Git-based merge requests tends to promote cooperation, participation, and collaboration among software team members while they’re developing code on mid-sized to large projects. By requiring each software feature or fix to be encapsulated into a formal and easily-identifiable “entity,” for lack of a better term, pull requests also lend a much-needed sense of structured flow to Git which is, from my […]

This article, How to Use Git Pull Requests to Improve Code Quality and Developer Participation, was originally published at AppCoda.

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How To Download Video & Shows from Netflix? Netflix Downloader

In Short Hacks: Watching Netflix Series, Shows and Movies offline are such a normal way but can we share those offline downloaded files with others? NO. So in this Article, we will be going to discuss all Netflix Downloader and the best possible ways by which you can download videos and shows from Netflix easily in 2019.

How To Download Video & Shows from Netflix? Netflix Downloader
Netflix Downloader

Netflix Downloader: Every day a new movie or a new episode of some tv shows is released for the people to watch. Thus, you need to visit a movie theatre to watch these movies or stick to your television sets to watch the tv shows when aired. To avoid such situations, you can use various media streaming websites which have a collection of all the latest as well as classic movies and tv shows. One such widely known media streaming website is Netflix.

However, to make use of these websites, you must be connected to the internet to stream your video without any buffering. Even this option has some drawbacks. One such drawback is that it is difficult to have an internet connection whenever you wish to watch a movie or tv shows on Netflix.

To solve this problem, Netflix has provided with options using which one can download a particular video and then watch it whenever possible without having an internet connection. Wait? Do you have a working Netflix accounts? Because you need a Netflix account to download stuff from it.

But, not all the videos can be downloaded to watch offline and the downloaded videos cannot be streamed on any other media player on your device. It can only run on Netflix.

Thus, there is a need for a method using which one can download videos from Netflix to watch when offline and run it on any other desired media player.

Thus, here we are with a most useful method which you can use to download videos from Netflix.

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Method #1- Download Netflix Videos on Windows/MAC

This method is recommended for Windows and MacOS users.

Step 1- Download and install Open Broadcaster Software on your device from its official website.

It is entirely free of cost and does not consist of annoying advertisements.

This method is recommended for Windows and MacOS users.
Open Broadcaster Software

Step 2- Once you have successfully installed OBS software on your device, go to the settings and click on the Hotkeys tab. This will display a controller at the bottom of your screen using which you can choose what to record and when to record your device’s screen.

Step 3- Choose an appropriate output quality from the output tab. The recorded video will be saved in this format only.…

How to Whitelist Googleupdate.exe for Windows 7/8/10

In Short Hacks: Google Chrome Update Stuck? ? Unable to update google chrome browser just because of the error “please whitelist GoogleUpdate.exe. (error code 7: 0x80072EFD — system level)”. Well, Don’t worry! We are always there for you. Anyway, In this tutorial, we have added 3 Working methods by which you can Easily Whitelist GoogleUpdate.exe in Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 firewall.

How to Whitelist Googleupdate.exe for Windows 7/8/10
How to Whitelist Googleupdate.exe | itechhacks

GoogleUpdate.exe is an executable file that runs as a Google updater and used to automatically updates, installs, downloads, and removes Google applications. Even if you are experiencing any issues, it is not required not to remove like any other critical windows components.

Google Updater was distributed as a suite of software programs and as a part of the Google pack. It is no longer supported and we strongly recommend you to uninstall this application.

We all know that Google has been established as the biggest company and offers social networking services, office software, cloud storage, webmail and other hundreds of services.

Google Chrome browser (Internet browser) uses GoogleUpdate.exe to search for any latest updates and downloads the same. This is also used to send usage statistic which includes software and hardware information to Google particularly for analysis. Google Chrome browser may cause multiple issues if you disable this process.

Please check the .exe file (executable file) before running the same on your computer. In modern days, Malware can be renamed to anything like .exe file extension and it can be located on your local hard drive as well. Please ensure that your local hard (Windows or System32 folder) does not contain any non-Microsoft executable files (.exe files). If so, those files may be a worm infection, Trojan, Spyware, or a Virus.

Whitelist Googleupdate.exe from Firewall
Googleupdate.exe Error

We would like to inform that GoogleUpdate.exe application may cause any issues occasionally and it is not an important process or a required system file for the Windows Operating system. It is a service and “gupdate” is the service name. You will face security vulnerabilities and other issues if the application was stopped or disabled. The program does not have a visible window and digital signature was available within the file.
Please follow the below-provided steps to whitelist googleupdate.exe application in windows 10:

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Method #1: Whitelist Googleupdate.exe from Firewall

This is the only working method for Googleupdate.exe you will find exclusively on itechhacks. This method is very easy to use and it takes just 30 seconds

Interview with Steven Chan, Founder of GoodNotes: How He Turned an App Idea into a Profitable Business


In his last semester of university, Steven Chan registered for as many bird courses as possible and staked all his efforts into a new app. Since then, he has built his product GoodNotes into an award-winning app featured on Apple’s App Store multiple times. Rather than pursue a venture-backed business model, Steven’s devotion to product development and revenue-driven growth also afforded him the time to pursue other meaningful experiences in life, such as travel and be a digital nomad. After his first few years as a solopreneur, Steven began to build a team to expand GoodNotes into a tool that […]

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How To Disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry Windows 7/8/10

In Short Hacks: Now You can easily Disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry in Windows 7/8/10. But, Before Disabling any such function on Windows. We should be aware of each and every aspects of this Function (Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry). This article we will try to clear your doubts like: Should You Disable Windows 10 Telemetry? Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage Fix in 2019

How To Disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry Windows 7/8/10
Disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry Windows

Microsoft is one of the most revolutionary companies ever formed in the world! Without Microsoft, it is difficult to visualize mankind’s progress. This is due to its groundbreaking inventions. One of the most useful invention of Microsoft its Windows operating system. This operating system is used by the majority of their population. Without this operating system, a computer is of no use!

Since 1985, many updated versions of Windows have been rolled out from time to time! Windows 10 is its latest and the one with most of the features. One such feature which has been added to Windows 10 is its telemetry service. The function of this service is to collect the user data and transmit it to Microsoft so that the data can be analyzed and any kind of issue can be detected and fixed!

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What Exactly is Telemetry Data?

This is the latest service added in the Windows 10 operating system. This service collects various information such as diagnostics information, your frequency of used features and applications, system files, etc. The permission to share data with Microsoft can be edited but cannot be turned off completely! You will find four tiers of telemetry settings which are-

#1. Basic: Allows basic information such as device information, etc.

#2. Security: Your security-related details can be shared.

#3. Enhanced: Here, both basic and security data can be sent to Microsoft.

#4. Full: In this category, there is no restriction and any information from your computer can be transmitted to Microsoft.

How to disable the Microsoft Compatibility Service? (Working)

There are some people who find this service to be a threat to their privacy in which there are some who do not wish to share their data with anyone. For such people, here we are with some of the methods which you can use to turn off the telemetry service on your Windows PC.

Since there is no direct option provided by Microsoft, you need to execute a number if steps in a given order. So go ahead and start executing the steps listed below.

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Method #1: Use Registry Editor.


Why I love PC Gaming over Playstation (PS) Gaming? (7 Reasons Why)

In Short Hacks: Do you really play games? I mean Are you a Gamer? Well, Of course, you are that’s why you are here ? Am I right? Anyway, Today here at itechhacks I am going to discuss with you that Why do I love to play games on PC rather than PS? Probably you will find out these 7 reasons for loving PC gaming over Playstation gaming in 2019!

Why I love PC Gaming over Playstation (PS) Gaming? (7 Reasons Why)
PC Gaming over Playstation (PS) Gaming?

Sup! gaming fellas!! Gaming is on fire ? nowadays. It’s on its apex from the history till now. People are starting to recognize and are giving value to Gaming and Gamers. Gamers have risen a lot. But unlike every industry, Gaming Industry also has two types of gamers, PC Gamers, and Console Gamers.

This argument is of its own kind which leads to the biggest debate. Both sides will try to show their benefits and perks. But raise your hands if you like pc gaming rather than console gaming. We know Console Gaming has a lot of perks like Special Editions, Only for PS Games, and sometimes, Games are released first on these platforms but still, PC Gaming is far better than PlayStation Gaming. Want to know how? Let’s see, so here are 7 reasons why PC Gaming has a lead on Console or Playstation Gaming.  

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7 Reasons Why PC Gaming Is Better Than PlayStation Gaming in 2019?

There are actually 8 reasons. Read the article till the end and you will find the hidden 8th reason why!

Reason 1: Amazing and Thrilling Upgrades

As time passes, what we really need in life is any kind of upgrades. Yes, Upgrades are the best part of PC Gaming. Owning a Custom Gaming PC is the best thing in the world. You can change any part of your PC easily and can enjoy latest and heavy end games. You can also run high-end graphics games on PC easily. Cool Kinds of Stuff like lighting and cooling system can be added to our Gaming Setup. You have unlimited hard disk storage, where you can store hundreds of your favorite games and many kinds of software which can enhance your gaming experience.

Meanwhile, the parts of the PlayStation setup are irreplaceable and can’t be upgraded. You have to buy a new setup every time, whenever a new version of PlayStation releases in the market. And this favors PC Gaming to have a lead on Console.

Reason 2: Cooling System and Lighting

A custom water cooling system is one of those things which will mesmerize everyone by its visual effects. Brilliant Lighting System shows your gaming style and

Top 10 Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator For Android, PC, MAC, Linux

In Short Hacks: Love to play those old amazing best Nintendo 3DS Emulators GBA Games? Grats! You are landed at right place. Here we have listed top 10 best Ds Emulators for Android, PCs, MAC and Linux  Free and Working in 2019

Top 10 Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator For Android, PCs, MAC, Linux
Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator For Android, PCs, | itechhacks

If you have ever taken a long train, bus or airplane trip, you will know how boring it is to have nothing to do while you just sit there in your seat trying to read a book while your shaky and uncomfortable seat makes it difficult for you. You cannot play games on your phone because they require an internet connection and your portable “modern” console ran out of battery two hours ago. What if we could run the old Pokemon games again on our phone?

The Nintendo 3Ds was mostly published on 26th February 2011, in Japan and throughout the planet. Nearly within less than half a year, a drop was announced by Nintendo. Nintendo began experimenting.It kept growing, and in 2010 it declared its official 3Ds managed Nintendo console, although Nintendo wasn’t going to a victory, then.

3DS Emulator: If you are one of those people who think that gameplay is more important than graphics, then you will most probably be a fan of old consoles like the Nintendo 3DS and the Gameboy Advance. What if we could run those old masterpieces on an Android device. Wouldn’t you want it too? This has been made possible by the use of best DS emulators which allow Nintendo DS games to run on Android devices. As they are not very massive in size and need fewer resources, they consume minimal phone resources and battery.

So Here we have Listed top 10 Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator For Android And PC 2019 that you can easily access on your smart-devices without any issues. So let’s get started.

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Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator For PC, MAC, Linux 2019

First we will be going to list up top best Nintendo 3Ds emulators for Android afterward we will also add some working emulators for PCs.

#1. My Boy! Free – GBA Emulator

Nintendo 3DS Emulator For Android And PC
My Boy | itechhacks

My Boy! is one the best free Ds emulators available on the Google Play Store. It claims to be the only emulator that supports link cable emulation. It supports Android versions as low as Android 2.0 and runs on low-end phones smoothly without crashing or lagging. It runs most of the Nintendo DS games without any errors. The most striking feature is its ability to increase the game speed by as much as 16 times. With the …