Interesting question from Susan Bradley: Anyone run wire shark to see if telemetry really is being sent or if they are patching some security bug — SBSDiva (@SBSDiva) July 31, 2019 Faucet drip level – or firehose? Anybody want to take it on?

from AskWoody

The following blog article 5a2d1aee86eaedf7fbd04baf4628f2ad911de5ec958a420902469fdb6f1a0fc35a2d1aee86eaedf7fbd04baf4628f2ad911de5ec958a420902469fdb6f1a0fc3postlink5a2d1aee86eaedf7fbd04baf4628f2ad911de5ec958a420902469fdb6f1a0fc35a2d1aee86eaedf7fbd04baf4628f2ad911de5ec958a420902469fdb6f1a0fc3 Find more on:


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