Zombieload, Fallout, and 2 Other CPU Flaws Have Intel on the Hop

The high-tech industry once again is in a tizzy over flaws discovered in Intel CPUs — four new microarchitectural data sampling vulnerabilities. MDS is a sub-class of previously disclosed vulnerabilities that sample data leaked from small structures within the CPU using a locally executed speculative execution side channel. The four newly identified flaws: Zombieload, Fallout, CVE-2018-12127 and CVE-2018-11091. Zombieload, Fallout and CVE-2018-12127 have a medium severity rating, while CVE-2018-11091 is considered low severity.

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New forum: Windows 7 beyond end-of-life

There’s a lot of interest in keeping Win7 going after January 2020. So I just set up a forum specifically for that concern: Win7 beyond End-of-life Please join us and let us know about best practices, recommendations, problems… you name it. Seven semper fi. Thx, CAO.

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Extra Credit Only Feeds The Rich

Extra Credit Only Feeds The Rich Guest blog post by John Stevens Think about it… Who asks for extra credit? Who comes running up to the front of the classroom as soon as a project is assigned, asking what they can do to get extra points? Who is eagerly awaiting the explanation of the rubric […]

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Good news: The “wormable” security hole in XP, 7, and related Servers, isn’t being exploited yet

If you’re running Windows XP (including Embedded) Windows Server 2003, Server 2003 Datacenter Edition Windows 7 Windows Server 2008, Server 2008 R2 You still have time to install the May patches. We're not currently observing any significant increase in packets to our sensors on port 3389 (RDP). If a worm begins to spread I suspect […]

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For some, this month’s Win10 1809 cumulative update installs twice twice

Microsoft has finally acknowledged what’s been going around since Tuesday. On some machines, installing KB 4494441 — this month’s cumulative update for Win10 version 1809 — takes two tries. The KB article now says: Some customers report that KB4494441 installed twice on their device.  In certain situations, installing an update requires multiple download and restart steps. […]

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How to Resolve “Couldn’t instantiate class named WKWebView” Error When Using WebKit

I got a question from a reader about the following error when using WKWebView in storyboard: Could not instantiate class named WKWebView because no class named WKWebView was found; the class needs to be defined in source code or linked in from a library (ensure the class is part of the correct target)’ He created a view controller with a WKWebView using Interface Builder (or storyboard) and connected it with code via an outlet variable like this: When accessing the web view, the app quit and showed the error above. To resolve the error, all you need is add the […]

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