Knowledge Officers Change Intellectual Property Forever

These new executive positions – some reporting to the vice president of human resources, but often directly to the CEO – are highly coveted. According to Diane Gayeski, professor of corporate communications at Ithaca College in New York and a partner in the Ithaca-based Omnicom Associates consulting firm, compensation packages for CKOs and CLOs frequently are in the $200,000 range.

While there’s no concrete count on how many companies actually employ these critters, one estimate holds that about 20 percent of Fortune 500 companies have a CKO or CLO. Another suggests that there may be 250 to 300 of them in the United States. Many more organizations reportedly are trying to hire one, often with difficulty and mixed results.

“I’m constantly getting calls from clients and headhunters interested in finding a learning officer,” says Gayeski. “They generally need someone who knows the business, can see the big picture and trends, and then can crystallize and communicate a whole range of strategic messages in a form that employees can understand and use. The CEOs want a person who can look beyond training to performance, culture, collaboration, internal and external communication strategies, and more. That kind of person is hard to find.”

Experience as a CKO or CLO would also be helpful. But because the field is so new, seasoned candidates are few and far between. “There probably are no more than 20 highly qualified, proven performers in the field,” says Bowsher.

“There really are just a handful of top guns, like [Motorola‘s] Bill Wiggenhorn and [General Electric’s] Steve Kerr,” adds an executive at a

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Affordably Priced Hard Drive Recovery – Where To Get It

Basic fact in life: hard drives are bound to crash at some point in time. Since hard drives are very mechanical (and touchy), they will definitely show wear and tear over the course of time. Therefore, at some point, yours might have to be replaced or repaired. People are usually scared about getting hard drives repaired because of the huge cost involved and because the service lacks a guarantee of success. This means that some people try to repair their hard drives by themselves using rudimentary tools. But it is always safer to give broken hard drives to a professional to repair them. Nowadays, there are many services providers who will offer these specific hardware repairs at a very low cost. So you should never be afraid of putting your failed hard disk in the hands of a professional.

Some of the more affordable data recovery professionals charge very competitive fees compared to what they would have charged 10 years ago. Most repairs can be completed for any kind of hardware damage. The prices for most of these services will vary between logical recovery and physical or invasive recovery. But still, costs are very low for the services considering the high possibility of successful repair.

Keeping Your Drive In Good Shape Is Key

Since a primary use for computers is the storage of data, it is important to see to it that your hard disks are functioning properly. Most hard drive problems can be detected by the variations in the noise that they produce when they are starting up. Sometimes hard drives crash and then begin emitting clicking sounds. There are also instances where the hard drives do not make any sound at all and go into ‘silent death’ mode. In any of these instances there is a great chance that all the data that has been stored on the drive’s platters might be lost. But there are a lot of data recovery professionals that can help out in such situations to repair the hard drives and recover that seemingly lost data. Though just a few years ago such services were far too costly – making people immediately not bother with the idea of getting their data back – there are very some very cheap data recovery services available today.

Inexpensive data recovery services have made it possible for many people to get back their lost data that previously would have been lost forever. Some of these companies even offer a flat rate pricing schedule. But for the more professional level shops, the rates vary according to the seriousness of the problem.

Damaged hard disk drives can be a constant cause of worry for people who use computers regularly and have a lot of data stored in them. If they fail to have proper back ups for their data, even a small problem with the hard drives can mean big trouble. Some people try to repair their hard drives and retrieve the lost data, but this can cause even more damage to the hard drives. So if you do not know the ins and outs of the process of data recovery, it is better to call somebody that knows exactly what they are doing. The costs are often minimal for the repair and you can be assured that you will get back your lost data. These companies can even help with more critical stuff like RAID recovery with their proven track record and expertise in the field.

Though the rates for each type of disk damage may vary, you can be guaranteed that the costs will not be too rough on your wallet if you opt for the smaller hard disk repair services. Since there are many players in the field, there is a lot of room for you to compare the prices between different service centers. However, the differences in pricing can frequently be not as different as you might have expected.

How Sure Can You Be Of Your Problem?

Finding a cheap but effective data recovery company is not that difficult if you have the patience to be diligent about it. But before you decide to contact a certain company, you should be sure that your problem requires outside help, and can’t simply be fixed by using a data recovery software. To assess your situation, first check for file that has been erased or lost from your recycle bin (if you have a Windows computer, naturally). If you cannot find it, use the file search function to search for the file in case it might be in another location. If you still cannot find it, you may be able to use economical file recovery software. However, using a utility like this must be coupled with caution on your part. These products can actually do more harm than good in situations of physical drive breakdown.

Data recovery utilities cannot be helpful if all of your data on your computer is inaccessible. Inaccessible data caused by physical damage to your drive can never be accessed via software. This is the point when you need to be getting on the phone with a couple of hard drive recovery service providers in order to get that data back. Time shouldn’t be wasted in this case.

Getting The Right Services

One of the biggest crises that you can ever encounter is when you lose data on your computer or laptop hard drive. For people who have not backed up information to another resource, this occurrence can spell doom for you.

There are people who specialize in the data recovery sector who can be of assistance as long as you inform them as soon as possible. These people deal with various hard drive problems related to lost data from various storage options. There are some people also who specialize in databases, emails and other virtual storage options. Meanwhile, there are those others who have a bias to specific computer hardware like laptop hard drives. There are those that also specialize in recovering flash USB drives and RAID servers. Simply put, any type of lost data can be recovered. There really are no limits on the amount of data high quality certified recovery shops can retrieve nowadays. A good example of one of these, of course, is Hard Drive Recovery Group (

But unfortunately for many, affordable data recovery seems to be out of reach for the ordinary person. This does not always hold true. Data recovery is often cheap at mid-level vendors like Hard Drive Recovery Group, whereas at high end data recovery companies like Ontrack ( it is usually extremely expensive. But, since there are many players in the market these days, you don’t have to pay Ontrack’s high prices, and most people do not. Keep in mind there are also software packages that you can buy for minor lost data issues like broken flash drives or even corrupted memory cards.

Essentially, affordable data recovery

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International Worker’s Rights Remain A Strong Issue

(In light of Apple’s recent issues with Foxconn, I thought I’d post this gem from the past.)

Levi Strauss & Co. and Reebok Corp. are among the first three companies signing on to a new campaign created by the International Labor Rights Fund and other groups to promote workers’ rights in Chinese factories.

The companies agreed to implement 10 business practices regarding labor in these factories. Toymaker Mattel has also agreed to participate.

Workers rights are a huge issue for China's relationship with the world.

Workers rights are a huge issue for China’s relationship with the world.

“Workers producing goods in China are being exploited. They face hazardous working conditions and are forced to work excessive overtime,” said Bama Athreya, director of the China and Southeast Asia

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Universities Fight Term Paper Websites With Fire

A university lawsuit against Internet-based sellers of term papers once again raises a question that is cropping up across the net: Are World Wide Web-based businesses subject to the laws of every country, state and town where surfers connect?

“The courts are wrestling with this jurisdictional issue,” said Stuart Smith, a partner at Gordon & Glickson, a law firm in Chicago. “Several cases have come down on opposite sides.”

Term papers and free speech?

Boston University last week in federal court sued eight sites that provide the term papers, charging them with violating a law banning the sale of such papers in Massachusetts as well as federal antifraud statutes.

“We will take whatever steps are necessary to preserve the integrity of the academic process,” university President Jon Westling said in a statement announcing the suit.

The university seeks an injunction against the companies, all located outside Massachusetts, and punitive damages.

Some fear a successful suit could allow a state to stifle someone’s First Amendment right to publish and sell on the Internet. “Somebody should be able to write papers on subjects

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IP Law And 1394 Cores

Intellectual property (IP) provider Sand Microelectronics will target a market which some are referring to as “the only sure thing,” when it introduces a pair of synthesizable IEEE-1394 soft cores here at the IP’98 conference, a move that also expands the company’s growing list of PC peripheral bus macros.

Sand is unveiling two soft IEEE-1394 cores including the 1394DC device controller core and the 1394 CPHY digital cable-PHY core. In addition, the company is rolling out a design tool kit, dubbed the Sand Designer Advantage kit, that consists of an IEEE-1394 simulation mode, synthesizable cores and design aids. Babu Chilukuri, VP of business development at Sand, said the company is targeting its 1394 IP cores toward the multimedia, disk drive and PC audio markets. Utilizing 1394 bus cores will be another way for PC makers to differentiate their products from one another.

“A lot of analysts predict that 1394

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The Constitution: Reframers Not Allowed!

The men who wrote the U.S. Constitution dreaded an imperial President, and they feared an unrestrained Congress. Either could destroy the new democratic Republic. So they established an ingenious system of checks and balances to prevent either branch from encroaching too far on the prerogatives of the other. But the Founders considered the judiciary to be inherently the weakest branch of government. They never contemplated what has happened –a willful judiciary that is fencing voters and their elected representatives out of the decision-making process.

Abuse of power by the Supreme Court has long been a serious concern. But the stakes are magnified by the re-election of President Bill Clinton. Mr. Clinton is likely to have the opportunity to nominate one or more members of the High Court. Presumably, he will be inclined to appoint activist Justices whose presence on the Court would aggravate an already untenable situation.

Fortunately, however, members of the U.S. Senate still can prevent our worst fears from being realized. Senators have the right to deny confirmation of activist nominees to the Supreme Court and, for that matter, other courts. Senators should decide that, henceforth, judicial nominees will be required to pledge publicly that they will interpret the Constitution and statutes in accordance with the original intent of the documents and their authors. As the

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The Supreme Court On Sexual Harrassment

The Supreme Court’s message: Put your pokey in writing, communicate it to every employee, and follow up on complaints.

The Supreme Court issued two sexual-harassment rulings last summer that should both worry and hearten employers.

On the downside, the court ruled that under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, companies can be held liable for the illegal harassing behavior of supervisors even when top managers had no idea that it was going on and were not negligent in any way. This was the strongest statement yet of employers’ liability for supervisors’ actions.

“It resolves all doubt about supervisors being liable for sexual harassment, whether the company knows about it or not,” says Ernest Rossiello, a Chicago attorney

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