Instant Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

SUPER EASY Chicken Noodle Soup from Scratch This last week I was super sick and was off my computer and resting. So I don’t have some Google teaching tips but instead, I learned how to make chicken noodle soup from scratch in the Instant Pot. It was super easy. Ingredients A Whole Chicken Celery Carrots […]

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Is there Anyway To Hack Clash of Clans? Know The Truth

In Short Hacks: I know you are an active user of Clash of clans and I also know that why are you landed on this article. Do you want to hack into Clash of Clans? Do you Want to Get more Gems, More Gold, and everything unlimited? Even I also want to do the same because like you guys, I also spend hours over hours every day to improve my base and get as many stars, trophies in Clan Wars as possible. Well, In this article I explained each and everything related to Clash of Clans Hacks of 2019.

Is there Anyway To Hack Clash of Clans? Know The Truth
Is there Anyway To Hack Clash of Clans? Know The Truth

Smartphones support millions of app which include educational apps, social networking apps, games, etc. People can play games of different categories on their smartphones. These games include role-playing, combat, racing, puzzles and strategic games. One of the most favorite strategic game around the world is Clash of Clans. It was introduced for Android devices in the year 2013 but, iOS devices had it a year before, in the year 2012. Clash of Clans is a massively multiplayer online game. It has millions of players playing this game simultaneously, making it one of the most played game in the world.

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How To Hack Clash of Clans in 2019? 

Sir, How can we Hack Clash of Clans? Is it Possible to Hack and Increase gems in Clash of clans? etc etc…. – These are some of the example emails that we received almost every day in a huge quantity. So We have decided to explain as much as we can over this COC Topic in 2019.

Is there Anyway To Hack Clash of Clans? Know The Truth
Is there Anyway To Hack Clash of Clans? Know The Truth

People are connected to this game due to its amazing gameplay. It is a fantasy themed game which has a virtual world. Players have to develop their village, train troops, loot gold and elixir by attacking other player’s villages, participate in clan wars, and much more. The levels here are determined based on the town hall.

The beginners have to start from Town Hall 1 and the latest Town Hall 11 is the highest level one can reach as of now. With the increase in levels, new buildings are unlocked which can be used to build a mightier army, prepare a stronger defense against attacks.

One can use the gems to boost up the development, which can either be mined in the game or can be bought by paying a certain amount of money.

However, mining takes very long and not many gems are found. On buying these gems, you are instantly credited with the purchased …

Cognizance 2019 at IIT Roorkee – Asia’s 2nd Largest Tech Fest.

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee’s trademark technical fest Cognizance for this year 2019 was just remarkable. If you were from any other engineering background you will know what is Cognizance.

Cognizance 2020 at IIT Roorkee - Asia's 2nd Largest Tech Fest.
Cognizance 2020 at IIT Roorkee – Asia’s 2nd Largest Tech Fest.

Isn’t it? It is one of Asia’s biggest technical festivals in the country. It is like a technical symposium which was annually conducted by the IITians without any involvement of faculty/stuff at the IIT Roorkee.

For 2018, it was a great hit and helps many students from many states to get the best exposure possible. Now this year Cognizance Team collaborated with iTech Hacks as a Media partner and Social Partner and also give us Special Access to cover the whole event by inviting our team at IIT Roorkee for 15-17th of March. We hope to continue this for upcoming years as well. 🙂

The organizers of the Cognizance always strive to improve the standard of this event (Trust me IITians are LIT guys 🔥) They know how to add more and more value to the pupils and the speakers who are going to attend this event.

For this, they have introduced many events, talks, shows, workshops, night shows and what not? For this year they had conducted a plethora of events when compared with the previous years. The organizers have both raised and lowered many standards of the event. Sounds a bit confusing? Let me explain.

They have now workshops for machine learning, robotics, entrepreneurship and much other futuristic technologies which are very rare. But they allow other college interested pupils to join in these workshops which are a great thing. They also conducted many competitions and fun events too in this year Cognizance 2019.

Cognizance IIT Roorkee - Asia's 2nd Largest Tech Fest.
LHC- Workshop Area

The key competitions are drone racing both in land and in water, robot combat and many other competitions which will test your technical knowledge as well as your mental strength. (Competitors coming from other colleges was just extraordinary)

From this year they announced to conduct some small programming, ethical hacking competitions which will start from simple data manipulations and goes up to the complex dynamic programming to let the upcoming geeks necessary exposures.

These are all some of the events which are new to this year’s Cognizance. What were the best events you always remain excited about? Let us know in the comment section. 🙂

Well, You will get to see amazing news coverage regarding the event on various other media sites. But, Here I am going to introduce a 2nd Year IITian who is Pursing his Bachelors in Civil Engineering and we had a great conversation with this guy. His name is Piyush Singariya. (Do follow him) Just because …

Dell’s Encryption Console gets clobbered by this month’s Patch Tuesday Win10, 8.1, 7 patches

Yesterday, Dell confirmed that Dell Encryption’s Local Management Console may fail to display information and the activation status may read “_UNMNGD_” after installing the March 2019 Cumulative Update. This affects all current versions of Microsoft Windows and Dell Encryption. Dell says the problem crops up after installing the Patch Tuesday Cumulative Updates for Win10 1809, […]

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Top 8 Streaming Sites After YouTube? Alternatives to YouTube

Alternatives to YouTube 2019: Watching videos is the most amazing way of entertaining yourself. Is is also the best technique for spending your leisure time. YouTube is the most popular video sharing website. It is also the most frequently used application in smartphones. This is due to the inexhaustible content which YouTube has to offer. However, there are many more alternatives for YouTube which are not known to most of the people. These alternatives have their own specialties and are unique in their own way.

Alternatives to YouTube
Alternatives to YouTube

Imagine if YouTube goes Shutdown forever? Where would you watch Videos? There are plenty of amazing alternatives to YouTube and Alternatives to videos sharing sites after YouTube that you should really know about. Albeit, it is not possible to shut down YouTube forever. But, for knowledge purpose, you will need to know the best YouTube Alternatives that works similar to YouTube and all are free sources to share and watch videos. So let’s take a look at these alternatives and know what they have to provide us with.

Why Alternatives To YouTube?

There’s is a myth “YouTube is the ONLY best platform to watch and share videos“, That’s what peoples believe in. However, These days if you deeply researched on YouTube Content you may found such Fake and Useless stuff that will waste your time as well no longer knowledgeable. There are much better Video sharing sites than YouTube. Before we had published Best Alternatives to Torrent. So if you want to enjoy Videos then you should really be wanted to know these best Alternatives to YouTube app.

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Best Alternatives to YouTube 2019

#1 Metacafe

Alternative for YouTube

This website was launched before YouTube came into existence. Metacafe gets over 40 million visits per month. The user interface of this website is very unique and easy to use. It provides its visitors with many categories in which the videos are segregated. However, you cannot add new content to this website anymore due to unknown reasons.

#2 Vimeo | Best YouTube Alternative

Alternative for YouTube

This is another very famous website with a beautiful user interface. The videos which are recommended to you here are sorted by the staff for you. When you enter this website, you will notice a sign-up form which is optional to fill. The most amazing feature of this website is it has no ads in it. Neither at the start out or between or at the end. In the free version, you can upload files on this website up to 500 MB weekly. However, this limit gets pushed to 5 GB on paying the monthly …

Free Premium Rapidgator Accounts & Passwords 2019 – Working

In Short Hacks: We all know nothing comes free. So as Rapidgator, Which is an online storage site and file hosting such as Videos, Movies, Forms, Courses etc you can host anything or you can store any amount of data in the Rapidgator but as I said, Nothing comes free and Rapidgator is one of them. You will get limited space if you signup but here in this article we will going to reveal some working ways by which you can make Rapidgator Premium Accounts and get hell out of space from them.

Free Premium Rapidgator Accounts & Passwords 2019 - Working
Free Premium Rapidgator Accounts & Passwords 2019

In this data era, we are creating an endless amount of data every second and also we need to share some data with our friends. How do you share data? Using Pendrive? 😐  What if you need to share your file for Millions of people?

How do you share? If you need to share the file for a large set of people, you need to host that file on your server which costs you very higher!

But there are some file hosting providers available on the Internet which allow you to host your files for free. Rapidgator is one of that site.

Rapidgator is a file hosting website which allows us to share our files, videos and literally anything with our friends.  There are many File hosting sites available on the Internet. But what is special for Rapidgator? Ok, this is a fine question.

Unlike other websites, Rapidgator doesn’t ask you to complete a survey or any other tasks. Also, the bandwidth offered by the rapidgator is good enough to download some Gb of files.  Rapidgator allows you to download or upload files for free. To upload your files via Rapidgator, all you need is an account in Rapidgator.  You can signup for Rapidgator for free.

The free version of rapidgator allows you to download files with some annoying advertisements and pop-ups. Also, you cannot able to download simultaneously many files using your same Free rapidgator account. If you are a normal, occasional user you are good to go with Free version of rapidgator.

But if you are a hardcore user who downloads multiple files at a time and hates to see advertisements on your download page, you can get a premium version of rapidgator. Also with Free Version, you can upload files with a maximum size of 500 MB.  For more than 500 MB you need a premium rapidgator account.

Let us list some of the other features of the rapidgator premium account.

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Features of Rapidgator Accounts:

  • You can download unlimited files based on your plans.
  • Rapid fast